Case Study

Real Estate


Los Angeles, California

service type

CRM Implementation and Automation



Case study

About the Client

Online peer-to-peer or 'peer-toprofessional' real estate crowd funding marketplace that connects professional real-estate developers needing to finance their real-estate projects to willing lenders or real-estate investors.

automatic data cleaning/ data transfer/ DE duplicating data through integration of third-party systems

Business Need

  • Customer wants to implement the CRM for to manage time to time activities
  • Integration with third party on request process

Solution Highlights

  • Automatic lead generation from Web, toll-free phone calls, live chats etc.
  • Automatic assignment of leads to agents and define SLAs automatically as per client requirement
  • Automatic conversion of leads into opportunities/contacts/accounts on defined requirements
  • Successfully integrated the Salesforce system with different third-party systems (as required by the client) to process requests
  • Maintain customer data in the form of leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities
  • Automatic Data Cleaning/ Data Transfer/ DE duplicating data
  • Sending emails to the customer automatically on defined requirements with email templates
  • Generating reports and dashboards to analyze sales trends and for various other purposes
  • To automate sales process, we used Salesforce functionalities like workflows, process builder, triggers, apex classes, custom of pages, validation rules, reports, dashboards, auto assignment rules, email templates and custom objects

Service Module

  • Resulted in faster and smarter support to customers
  • Case management, service consoles, telephony integrations, live chats, social network integrations were an integral part of the customization