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End-to-end crop breeding solutions using carefully developed algorithms

We’ve come a long way since the days when a single outbreak of blight might disrupt food or resource supply for entire countries. The modern agricultural industry is resilient, taking advantage of an enormous variety of different conditions to generate steady resource production.

Crop breeding is an incredibly important, yet often overlooked, element of the agricultural industry’s ecosystem. No matter how perfect everything else might be, an inadequately developed specimen could fail to meet yield targets or even survive in an environment it is not equipped to handle.

CES can assist agriculture businesses by developing end-to-end crop breeding solutions, which are continuously updated with new information and the latest in plant science data. We empower all of our systems with our carefully developed algorithms, which we ensure are always on the cutting edge of science and industrial technology.

Our Process

The process of applying CES decision-making capabilities to your agriculture venture begins with the facts: we collect information specific to your circumstances. With that information, we proceed to activate pipelines using AWS Step Functions. AWS Step Functions can:

  • Model potential conditions the crop might experience
  • Use the models generated to create data about potential phenotype and genotype configurations
  • Store the data generated in the AWS cloud, allowing for both cost-efficient warehousing and easy transfers to other platforms
  • Only run individual Functions as necessary, generating no computational resource waste

After this onboarding phase, which we streamline with a purpose-made application, we move the data for your crops to a program known as Breed. Breed performs a deeper analysis than the AWS Step Functions, utilizing our advanced predictive algorithms and 5 separate data streams to sort through everything we have accomplished thus far, then pick the winner.

Our Results

With CES bio-agriculture expertise, you can rest assured that the plants in your fields have the ideal combination of characteristics to provide a successful harvest season after season. Our expertise in data engineering guarantees that we can account for changing conditions and keep your crop breeding application ahead of the curve.

We begin with integrating your fields and their unique characteristics into the Breed system. If your business should decide that it might benefit from a different yield strategy, such as producing a more fibrous organism rather than a food-bearing one of the same species, you are only a short process away from being able to transition to your new vision.

On-the-fly crop breeding provides a measure of responsiveness that older methods are wholly unable to replicate. What used to take decades of guesswork and some luck is now a simple matter of rapidly performing millions of calculations, making predictions, and swiftly breeding the resultant optimal set of characteristics into reality.

Stay ahead of the curve by partnering with CES to empower all your bio-ag demands. Our experiences with Bio-ag solutions in our case studies are widely applicable and have been successfully leveraged to this exact task countless times - and, as with all cloud technologies, it only gets smarter every time it does the job.

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