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As digital powered business models disrupt the Banking And Financial Services Industry (BFSI), leaders and challengers are looking to find better ways of sustaining competitive advantage. Resistance to Financial Technology in banking stems from the different nature of the two industries. Technology tends to move at a rapid pace, whereas the financial industry tends to move slowly and conservatively. This contradiction in business environments creates an odd pairing in an attempt to work in unison to grow at the speed with which technology improves other industries.

Currently there are a handful of roadblocks in allowing technology to move the financial industry with the velocity it needs to keep up with other industries. Financial Technology providers are taking steps to bring the relationship of the two parties in line, but no drastic improvement comes without growing pains.

Additionally, regulatory uncertainty presents a significant challenge for financial technology service providers. There’s a gap in understanding between what technology providers can do, and what regulators understand, which causes frustration on both sides of the equation. CES works tirelessly, despite these restrictions, to integrate solutions that knock down barriers and smooth the transition of technology integration into the world of finance. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to the banking and financial services industry, enabling greater productivity, enhanced customer experience, and improved regulatory compliance. Our services in the BFSI arena include:

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Digital Transformation for Banking

Today’s customers are concerned about the security of their financial data. Online and mobile technology has changed how customers perform financial transactions. To provide the security that customers can trust, financial services companies must bring accurate and secure digital transformation to every level of the enterprise. CES does exactly that.

Retail Banking and Lending

CES provides technology services that extend retail banking products. We bring together the institutions, people, rules, procedures, standards, and technologies that make electronic payments and settlements available anywhere, anytime. Retail customers want access to their financial data, whether it be their checking accounts or stock portfolios, from virtually anywhere, on any device. We build the applications that bring these services to clients.

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Trade Finance

Trade finance consists of financial instruments and products used by companies to facilitate international trade and commerce. It eases the process for importers and exporters to perform financial transactions through trade. Lines of credit can be issued by banks to help importers and exporters. CES understands the complicated processes associated with Trade Finance. We can manage all the details required to provide the services you need in order to handle trade finance transactions.

Infrastructure Services

CES delivers an array of infrastructure services to enhance your financial enterprise processes; from hardware, networking, data warehousing and software applications, we can design the optimal system design for your needs.

Customer Experience

While the customer mainly interacts with the user interface, ‘customer experience’ involves the entire system design, data integration, reduction in latency, user interface layout, and most of all, customer support after system delivery. At CES we take the entire customer experience personally. Our success depends not only on your satisfaction with the productivity of the system we build, but how well we stand behind it.

We have more than two decades of proficiency providing cutting-edge solutions for; retail banking, lending and leasing, asset and wealth management, investment banking, and various insurance products. We’ve been at the forefront of BFSI by maintaining limitless abilities to offer better products, services and superior customer experience to our clients. You can trust CES to improve most any of your financial enterprise processes.

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