AUGMENT Framework

Our framework AUGMENT involves knowledge capture, knowledge transition, and delivery management.

Asses Representation Icon

Assess your current/ future business needs/ objectives and identify gaps by learning the day-to-day running of your business while keeping in mind the long-term goals.

Understand representation Icon

Understand your requirements and design a functional solution addressing your challenges and objectives.

Guide Representation Icon

Guide/ Advise on the right choices and the scope of changes needed based on our critical assessment. (Under this, we work with you to help determine the goals and budget.)

Decision making Representation Icon

Make a solution around the factors established at the assessment and advise stages. (This may include one aspect or consist of extensive end-to-end services pivoting on your requirements.)

Examination Representation Icon

Examine, test, and adjust the potential changes in the test environments/tools to mitigate the risk of failure and ensure it delivers scalability, efficiency, and cost optimization.

Navigation Representation Icon

Navigate, deploy, and manage the solution through:

  • Process innovation by building unique standardization and automation solutions based on evolving/dynamic customer needs.
  • Driving digitization with intelligent technologies like automation, Cloud, AI/ ML, and Analytics under one integrated platform.
  • Leveraging GyanHub – a repository of enduring best practices and proven accelerators, templates, frameworks, and tools.

Reports Representation Icon

Track and share reports/ analytics as regular reviews to keep you updated in the entire loop, ensuring transparency and trust.

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