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Many business enterprises are forced to make decisions using only their own data set, which in many cases may be found lacking in necessary information, in order to achieve their business objectives. In this digital age, massive amounts of data are being produced by information systems, user devices, and IoT devices on a daily basis. Traditional methods of applying business intelligence are quickly becoming inadequate to process these unprecedented quantities of both structured and unstructured data, which leaves them struggling to produce actionable insights from the abundance of information.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) methods leverage the superior computational capabilities of machines, which can process large sums of data and find patterns and create associations by making use of sophisticated algorithms. CES can help businesses by applying AI and ML methods that are superior to the traditional business intelligence solutions, bearing the capability to first analyse complex data with inter-connected entities and attributes, then derive meaningful value from it in the form of insights and recommendations.

Our expertise helps us to select an appropriate algorithm for your needs based on the data structure, patterns, and desired outcomes applicable to your situation. Coupled with our experience in digital technologies, platforms, and their application to the business world, we can offer comprehensive solutions and services to implement AI and ML technology in various industries.

CES AI/ML Service Offerings

At CES, we believe that, for the evolution of machinery to continue, we must strive to impart our own intelligence into the robotic devices performing our labour. Our technology enables machines to not only comprehend the data they perceive, but to learn from it. All such operations, known as machine learning, share one common weakness: they are only as useful as the data provided to them. We set ourselves apart in this regard: with CES, you get the best.

CES Artificial Intelligence systems have already seen success in several fields, including image and video processing. To that end, we employ a system known as a Generative Adversarial Network, or GAN. GANs pit one AI against another, using the results of their competition to quickly develop winning strategies for the problems they have been assigned. In the case of images and videos, this technology allows us to convincingly replace missing frames or generate totally new, realistic images based on the patterns studied.

Our AI/ML Service Offerings include

  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

    Exploratory Data Analysis determines what useful predictions or insights the existing data can give. This is an exploratory phase where we try to make sense of the data available for your business, which also involves calling upon our subject matter experts for insight.

  • Natural Language Processing / Understanding

    Making use of NLP/NLU technology and always looking for new potential implementations of it. Extracting common themes from huge volumes of text or creating bots that can reduce the necessary amount of human interaction for customers are some examples of this vast potential that have already been executed successfully.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Our proprietary predictive analytics can be applied to a variety of fields, such as creating consumer profiles for clients in the financial sector or predicting the best potential hybrid variant of a crop in the agriculture industry.

  • Computer Vision

    With deep learning and the immense processing power available in our network, we can identify and classify images based on a wealth of parameters.

Our Approach

Our machine learning algorithms are not simply the solution to a problem; they are the solution to the problem of how best to find optimal solutions. When engaged with CES, we believe no task is too complicated or difficult for a machine to master. We work very closely with data scientists and subject matter experts to completely understand the data we deal with and it is only a matter of time and training until the multi-layered problem-solving algorithms that we develop can fully comprehend, synthesize, and analyse the data collected in their endeavours. Once an understanding has been achieved, our learning algorithms continue to become smarter with every task. Unlike humans, the learning machine never grows tired, distracted, or forgetful--it is always completely focused, constantly remembering and analysing all its work in order to offer perfected solutions to complex challenges.

We achieve AI through various machine learning and deep learning techniques. Our approach at a very high level consists of three steps:

Data Collection & Structuring

We concentrate on collecting data from verified sources that may be either structured or unstructured. Regardless of the source, our team of experts specializes in converting all of the collected information into a structured data-frame.

Data Enrichment & Cleansing

We offer machine learning and deep learning-based data management solutions designed to deliver reliable data to your business. We perform data enrichment on unstructured, proprietary, and third party data sources, then conduct data standardisation and AI and ML-led data cleansing.

Learning Algorithms & Predictions

The capabilities of CES machine learning are not limited only to visual or mechanical data. Instead, we have developed the means to handle even the most subtle cues, such as human speech.

Our networks can be taught not just to register individual spoken words, but to understand the meaning in sentences and more complicated structures. The same capabilities allow our software to dissect written text. In either case, once the AI has learned to understand, it can also be taught to respond. This makes it perfect for another of its proven applications: operating as an always-available virtual assistant. Learning machines can program themselves to be the ideal bot, ready to handle requests in scalable volume with the adaptive touch of an ever-expanding Intelligence.

With the expertise of our team and clean data in our hands, we employ machine learning or deep learning techniques as applicable to the challenge presented in order to provide our clients with meaningful predictions. We run algorithms in parallel with cross-validation techniques to guarantee that we employ the best learning model possible to the project at hand so that you can expect both high accuracy and miniscule margins of error.

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