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We understand the challenges of operating as an agricultural retailer. From the first soil sample taken of a prospective agriculture site and on through the harvesting of that same site year after year, decisions must be made constantly to achieve the result of a bountiful crop. Successful farms must carefully consider how they fertilize their soil, how much water they offer plants, and how much sunlight each plot will be exposed to throughout the year. Even changing weather conditions must be accounted for as they happen, disrupting all of those carefully-laid plans on a regular basis. You must face the challenge of anticipating all of that and responding correctly to ensure your clients can succeed.

The importance of your clients’ success cannot be understated. Agriculture is the backbone of human society. As the scale of our population continues to grow, so too will the demand for high-quality and reliable agricultural yields. The amount of land we have to support that demand, however, shall remain constant. Each unit of land will come to bear an ever-increasing strain, as will the farmers responsible for that land. Those farmers will turn to you for the supplies and decision-making capabilities they need to answer their call.

To meet the demands of our impending future, we at CES believe in applying high-tech solutions to even the ancient challenge of reliably providing enough agricultural goods for one’s society.

Scope of Our Services

We leverage the full power of information technology to deliver you answers as you need them. We have experience in both green field and legacy conversion applications - whether you are launching a new enterprise or upgrading your existing software systems, CES expertise in solving challenges with agricultural retail market will vastly improve cost efficiency and the granularity of management decisions.

We employ public or private cloud services for data analytics for your farm, financial, supply chain and crop data. Helped in building custom data warehousing solutions using cloud platforms such as AWS RedShift, Glue & Athena. This reduces your operating costs tremendously, removing the need for a great deal of infrastructure that, in the past, would be simply another cost of doing business.

Our Approach

With our Software as a Service package, we offer:

Supply and Inventory Control

  • We employ bar codes compatible with industry-standard readers, including mobile apps
  • We can help you create cross-platform apps for warehouse management that ensure you always have access to your inventory at the highest levels

Data Visualization and Storage Services

  • Our custom Tableau reports graphically display enterprise data on-demand
  • We’ll assist you in migrating to Amazon Warehouse Redshift, which makes your data always available to use and cost effective to store

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