CES is uniquely positioned to help customers realize their social media engagement goals – From satisfying an upset customer who wants to be “heard” to providing a well-researched resolution to a complex issue in a timely manner. We are available to help and engage with your customers in your voice with 24 / 7 coverage.

Social media users tend to be active, influential and demanding, who can do a lot of good or damage to a brand’s reputation overnight. CES’ social media professionals provide unparalleled customer support that builds the brand, creates loyalty and helps achieve revenue growth objectives. In addition, our social media staff takes full ownership of issues and also provides seamless customer engagements on traditional engagement channels like email, live chat and phone support.

  • 11+ years of proven customer support experience with top and diverse brands
  • Social media support as a standalone service or it can be combined with email and live chat
  • Ability to own and resolve customer issues in clients’ tone, style and voice
  • 24 / 7 coverage ensures timely and high-quality conversations and engagements
  • Manage social channels individually and / or through a social management platform
  • Mix and match customer service scenarios to realize must-have operational efficiencies
  • Significantly reduce contact center costs and grow revenue via alignment and teaming
  • No extra cost for project and account management team members
  • Dedicated and professional help on any technology platform during any work shift

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