• Are you an omnichannel retailer with sophisticated product data quality tools but still falling short on high-quality and structured product data?
  • Perhaps your suppliers and manufactures are unwilling / unable to provide you with web-ready data that can be quickly uploaded to your website.
  • Maybe as a last resort your e-commerce / merchandizing staff is burning their time and energies on product data cleansing and optimization vs focusing on their core responsibilities.

In essence, our services enable clients to transform their incomplete and non-standard product data into web-ready custom SKU’s. Short on online merchandizing resources? No problem! We can source all the needed / missing product data elements from your suppliers on your behalf and upload to your e-commerce / PIM / CMS.

  • 100% services-only model with nothing to install, manage or maintain
  • Custom SKU building as a service in a simple and result-orientated business model
  • Transform and enrich your supplier-provided or internal data as per your online taxonomy
  • You own the data and all CES deliverables

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