Case Study

Case Study

CES developed an interface that facilitated communication between two disparate systems and enabled patient data transformation and exchange. More

Extending your outreach with our EHR, EVV, Telemedicine and HHA

In this age of interconnectedness, expectations continue to grow for the accessibility and response time of services. Emergency teams can arrive on the scene within minutes of an incident, powered by a massive network of devices.

At CES, we believe that healthcare--emergency or otherwise--should always be readily accessible. We take a mobile-first approach to the implementation of our projects, so that they are available exactly when needed wherever our clients need them.

By breaking down barriers to care access, we improve the results of treatment and patient satisfaction. Rapid response times and high information availability encourage customers to feel truly connected with their care providers.

Our Services:

Whether your market is hospice care or patient education and engagement, CES’ years of combined experience in information technology can be leveraged to give you the competitive edge you need to stay ahead of upcoming advancements in the field:

  • Extend your outreach with our Electronic Health Record (EHR) services, available via mobile device or stationary kiosk to authorized users
  • Utilize our electronic visit verification (EVV) equipment to ensure compliance with local care standards in a manner that protects both provider and patient
  • Evaluate and assess patients at a distance with CES telemedicine technology
  • Ensure the success of physical therapy and general wellness programs using electronic applications
  • Create a full home health awareness (HHA) suite for hospice care or general monitoring, with the capability to use network-aware software to respond to data gathered

How We Provide Them

We begin our implementation cycle with an exploratory step. Our process is iterative, and we revisit it regularly to provide service that stays ahead of the demands of its time.

  • Analysis

    In order to accurately respond to client challenges, we must fully understand them. We will consult with you and investigate with our own methods exactly what criteria your application will need to fulfill.

  • Design

    After we have developed a model for the requirements of the system, we can begin the process of responding to the challenge. During our design phase, multiple teams of highly qualified engineers will engage with the project, each viewing it with a unique perspective to ensure that nothing is missed.

  • Prototype

    With a design concept that we believe will exceed all necessary specifications, we will proceed to the prototyping step. While testing our solutions, we use the full extent of our resources to exhaustively prove that the system is error-free and secure.

  • Implement

    Implementation is a breeze with the extensive application integration experience of our engineers. Before any of our equipment is emplaced in your business, you can rest assured that there is a full roll-out plan and a CES quality guarantee attached to every device.

  • Ongoing support

    After our equipment is installed, trust that the watchful eyes of CES experts will monitor performance and respond to any issues. If system inadequacies are revealed over time or created by changing conditions, our support teams will offer rapid response and the skills needed to resolve the issue.

With the full weight of our network behind your operation, success is virtually guaranteed. Let our years of demonstrated success in the industry stand behind your enterprise, whether it shares that same longevity or is in need of rapid start-up applications.

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