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The American healthcare industry is on a path of continuous evolution, with regulations and best practices changing constantly alongside the fast-paced world of modern medicine. To keep up with everything, we believe in applying the technology with the fastest possible response times: our specialty, information technology.

IT is a crucial actor in modern healthcare already. Standard reception procedures utilize a computer system to make or check appointments, review important patient data, or, in hospital settings, rapidly triage patients of significant concern. Databases store entire medical histories, containing many of the tools a doctor who has never even seen a new patient might need to quickly diagnose, then assist that patient. In a medical emergency, the first device someone reaches for is often a cellular phone--yet another piece of information technology.

The electronic nature of information technology does, however, present a host of challenges. Signals can be stolen or intercepted, and databases hacked--a precarious situation for those responsible for the preservation of those databases. With CES, you can be certain that your data is protected by up-to-date techniques that exceed regulatory requirements.

Our Services

CES healthcare IT services give you the tools you need to simultaneously improve both quality and scope of care while also reducing its cost. No matter the platforms or techniques necessary to meet your specifications, the flexibility of our engineering teams allows us to adapt to any situation by producing effective solutions. If we do not already have an answer to the challenges of your business made, we have a long history of developing custom applications to meet client needs in this field.

Our expertise extends to the software driving the behaviour of your equipment and to the equipment itself. We can integrate old systems with new technology, or modernize the entire system to become, essentially, new technology itself. We have experience with migrating data and functionality from one platform to another without disrupting the service delivery upon which your healthcare business depends.

We recognize that information security is a chief concern in the world of healthcare. Only the most modern, HIPAA-compliant data protection techniques are employed in all of our applications in order to keep everyone affected as safe as possible. The quality of our security and data management services have made us a preferred IT partner for numerous US-based healthcare organizations.

How We Provide Them

At CES, we believe that to support the continuous evolution of information technology, an ongoing process of engineering is necessary. All of our services are tested exhaustively before they go live to ensure that both you and your patients can be confident in the systems supporting your healthcare operation.

Our ongoing engineering services support all of our technology. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the IT infrastructures we develop for our clients, implementing solutions quickly after ensuring their reliability.

Healthcare engineers at CES are required to undergo HIPAA training sessions and are actively updated on all policies and compliance requirements. Our lead engineers are fully HIPAA certified, with years of experience working in our HIPAA-compliant development zones--meaning they have adhered to all HIPAA guidelines, policies, and security compliance regulations.

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