Professional Fraud Prevention Help From CES

The best fraud-fighting approaches in e-commerce require collaboration between humans and machines. Trust & Safety teams are focused on reducing fraud losses but they do not want to reject legitimate transactions and negatively impact customer experience

However, manual reviews are costly, and it’s difficult to hire, train and retain fraud analysts that can be staffed on a 24/7 basis during busier seasons. Unfortunately, many organizations are compelled to make undesirable trade-offs either by relaxing their fraud rules and “allowing” fraud or automatically rejecting too many legitimate transactions and leaving customers disgruntled.

Good News – CES Can Help!

At CES, we provide our well-trained fraud analysts as a cost-effective and flexible teaming service. For a low monthly fee per analyst, our dedicated analysts work as a seamless extension of your internal team during any work shift.

There is no long-term contract and organizations can adjust their staffing levels with CES as per their business needs throughout the year.
Fraud Prevention

Why CES?

Fraud Analysts as a Service

  • 100% dedicated fraud analysts as a low cost monthly service
  • Ramp up and down fraud analysts to meet seasonal needs
  • No additional cost for account and project management staff
  • Ability to provide support on any fraud tool and back-end systems
  • PCI certified and secure fraud operations
  • No long-term contract (only 30-day cancellation)
  • A free and no-commitment pilot program


  • Fight fraud at lowest cost with optimal human-machine combination
  • Save time and money by not having to hire, on-board and train temp staffing
  • Make customers happy by reviewing & releasing legitimate transactions within minutes
  • Fine-tune rules and not automatically reject orders due to lack of human coverage
  • Adjust staffing levels as per the need of the business

Why CES?

  • 10+ years of ecommerce fraud prevention experience
  • Options for 365-24-7 days coverage for conducting manual reviews
  • 100% dedicated fraud-fighting analysts that function as clients’ extended teams
  • No extra cost for project and account management team members
  • Help fight fraud on any technology platform during any work shift

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