For over 10+ years, CES has been delivering live customer engagements to top companies over wide ranging live chat platforms. Today, our live chat professionals are generating millions in monthly revenue in always-on (24/7) e-commerce environments. Our key result areas include:

  • Increase sales order value by upselling and cross selling products
  • Significantly improve website conversion rate
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonments
  • Generate sales leads

Our 10+ years of live chat experience enables us to deliver great customer engagements across multiple industries and business needs. If you are looking for rock-solid CSAT and NPS scores then you don’t need to look any further – partner with CES to increase both customer satisfaction and profitable revenue growth. Our key result areas:

  • Greater customer satisfaction – higher CSAT and NPS scores
  • Build brand loyalty and repeat business
  • Significantly reduce contact center costs of serving customers

  • Proven revenue generation and customer satisfaction (CSAT, NPS) via live chat
  • Significantly reduce contact center costs through seamless and transparent teaming
  • 24/7 coverage ensures that your website remains open for live customer engagement
  • Flexible operations model enables you to deploy your CES team across multiple processes
  • No extra cost for project and account management resources
  • Dedicated and professional help on any technology platform during any work shift

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