Fraud Prevention

At CES, we provide our Fraud Prevention Associates as a Service, who function as a seamless extension of your internal team regardless of your tools, systems and processes. Our expert level competency and professional engagement helps clients meet and exceed their fraud prevention goals.

  • Minimize and prevent online fraud w/o undue “burden” on existing team
  • Immediate resolution of flagged orders w/o delaying customer orders
  • Higher administrative and manual order verification costs
  • Additional rules can lower fraud but can’t handle greater manual reviews
  • Ramping up and down of temp staff during peak seasons is not efficient

  • Expert risk management team reduces online financial losses as a Service
  • 100% Services-only model with nothing to implement, install or maintain
  • Well-trained fraud prevention professionals as an extension of your team
  • Clear up your fraud and chargeback queues at significant cost savings
  • Any tool, platform and processes of your choosing (e.g. Accertify, Cybersource etc.)
  • Ramp up and down team size w/o worrying about training and on-boarding of staff
  • 100% dedicated resourcing model with free project management

  • CES brings 10+ years of proven e-commerce Operations experience
  • 24/7 coverage and seamless teaming eliminates backlog while reconciling incoming orders
  • Built-in flexibility to engage with customers over live chat, email and phone as needed
  • Flexible business and operations models for sharing resources across multiple processes
  • No extra cost for project and account management team members
  • Dedicated and professional help on any technology platform during any work shift

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