Offerings of Fund accounting:

  1. Bookkeeping Services:
    • Recording of cash transactions and accruals
    • Reconciling custodian accounts and assets
    • Recording of valuation adjustments

  2. Financial Reporting:
    • Prepare Management Packs and Flash reports
    • Prepare Lead sheets for the performance of the funds
    • Financial statements and Partner Statement preparation
    • Declaration of Net Asset Value of the fund and each partner
    • Audit assistance and providing information to auditors
    • Calculation of IRRs (internal Rate of Returns), Multiples and TWRs
    • Reporting of investments on the basis of FAS 157

  3. Regulatory Reporting:
    • Reporting of ISDA
    • Preparation and reporting of Form PF and CPO-PQR

  4. Capital Management:
    • Preparation of capital call and distribution notices to the Partners
    • Preparation and distribution of Partner Capital notices on a quarterly basis

  5. Legal Entity Accounting activities:
    • Deal Set-up
    • Funds Flow between the entities
    • Calculate performance fees for deals
    • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual – preparation of Legal Entity books